Welcome to Directors of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, known as the Directors social network. This is an ambitious project to create and grow a social network of the UK’s most influential business leaders.

Our first target is 10,000 members, with an end goal of 250,000 members.

All UK-based chiefs, directors and heads can join. Click or tap here to request membership.

Please encourage your senior colleagues and connections to also join.

The Directors social network project is actioning a hybrid social networking business model. We are using the Linkedin.com platform to facilitate and manage the online network. While a full agenda of traditional face-to-face gatherings over breakfast, lunch and dinner will bring a much needed additional dimension to business social networking.

Follow Our Blog

We are maintaining a blog for the Directors social network project. To follow our blog click or tap here and then hit Follow.

Professional Communities

We are in the process of rolling out a set of Professional Communities – called ProComms for short.

Membership of each ProComm™ is restricted to professionals currently employed in that field. For example, membership of the Customer Service Directors ProComm is only open to current Chiefs, Directors and Heads of customer service.

To request membership of a ProComm simply click or tap the appropriate link below. More ProComm groups will be added shortly:

Sorry, management consultants cannot join ProComm groups.


We have a full agenda of face-to-face events for the Directors social network members – some are open to all, some are by invitation, and some are restricted to a specific ProComm group. Check out our Events page.